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5 reasons why mistakes are good

Students often worry that they might embarrass themselves if they make mistakes in front of the teacher or other students. Here are 5 reasons why students shouldn’t be worried about making mistakes.

Helps the teacher

It’s a good thing when you make a mistake in class because it gives the teacher feedback. It tells the teacher that you either struggle with a language point or that you don’t understand something. Mistakes are like cats’ eyes for teachers. It shows them the road you’re on, and that means it helps them put you on the right road when you make mistakes.

Helps you learn

If you don’t make mistakes you won’t learn…as long as someone makes you aware that you made a mistake. When a teacher or a fellow student points out your mistake it helps you to become aware of that mistake, especially if it’s a mistake that you make a lot. Of course, it depends on how the teacher or fellow student makes you aware of your mistake. If done properly then it’s most certainly a good thing.

Helps fluency

If you are not afraid of making mistakes and you chat away (speak a lot) with your fellow students and teachers it can actually help your fluency because you’re not worried about making small mistakes. Instead, you are focusing on communicating with others, and that is the main reason why you would want to speak another language. You want to communicate and to be understood, and to do so you need to speak. People can still understand you if you make the occasional mistake as long as you have enough language to make yourself understood.

Helps accuracy

If you are trying to use different grammar points, then you need to be prepared to make mistakes. Grammar can be difficult but in order to get it right, you have to be prepared to make mistakes. Making grammatical mistakes in class is important because it will most certainly tell the teacher that they need to focus on that grammar point. Making mistakes is just part of the learning process, and eventually, you will have repeated the grammar structure so many times that you will no longer make the mistake.

Can help your confidence

Once you are no longer worried about making mistakes you can then build your confidence by living and breathing the language. Confidence comes with experience and you have to build your experience by using the language. The more you speak and write the more confident you’ll become.

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