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Currently the best English school in Malta. Very competent and friendly teachers. Price performance perfect! Also online lessons possible, simply ingenious.
Flavio Nardone
The teachers are very friendly and professional. You feel comfortable taking online course with them, very competent and nice! I definitely recommend it :)
Michael Faquet
I love ILE! The best way to learn English. I'd recommend these amazing lessons.
Sara Depaolini
Great school to learn and Improve English. Try out!
Sophie Roncallo
If there is a school I would recommend to properly learn English with the most concerned teachers in the students development at a personal as a professional level, ILE is the one that exceeds our expectations and motivates us to love english and leaves the desire to learn more.
João Cruz
Thank you ILE for giving me such amazing lessons. I really enjoyed my Holiday English experience in Malta and I will definitely be coming back. Fantastic!
Alexander Konradi

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You can select from a variety of ILE's courses depending on your goals. We offer general English, speaking, exam preparation (IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE) and business courses tailored to many industries, as well as YouTube English.

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You can choose to have as little as 1 lesson or as many as 20. The more lessons you buy the cheaper they are. After booking your lessons our team will get in touch with you to arrange lessons according to your availability.

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