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Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions below regulate the online lessons between students and ILE teachers.

ILE also referred to as ILE Love English

Students also referred to as ‘you’

ILE teachers also referred to as teachers, teacher

Statement of Work

You are taught according to your level, personal interests, goals and type of course booked.

ILE teaches the following levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

ILE prepare candidates for IELTS, FCE, CAE and CPE.

Internet Connection

1. ILE offers a free skype consultation to explain how the online lesson system works to all students who have purchased a course/package. ILE helps you set up Skype, open, read and write on the lesson documents, use google drive in order to share documents with the teachers, use email, and login to the student portal on ILE’s website. ILE answers any technical questions you may have to ensure the smooth running of the lessons.

2. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a good internet connection for each lesson, which must be suitable for video connectivity, and that there is no background noise to disturb the lesson. ILE does not recommend using Internet cafés, as the connection is not reliable.

3. If there is background noise, we recommend that you wear headphones to minimise disruption.

4. If the lesson is not conducted as a result of your poor internet connection, the lesson will be lost as a general rule. However, the teacher may accept to rebook the lesson at their own discretion.

Student’s Responsibilities

5. Lesson times will be agreed between students and teachers. You must confirm the arrangement via email and must attend the lesson on time. If you are late, that portion of the lesson is lost. Teachers wait 20 minutes for latecomers, after which time, the teacher is no longer obliged to stay connected and conduct the remainder of the lesson.

6. If you need to reschedule the lesson, you must give ILE 24-hour notice. Notice must be given in writing via email or post. Notification via SMS or social media is not accepted. If you fail to notify ILE 24 hours before the lesson is scheduled, the lesson will be lost.

7. It is your responsibility to turn up to the lesson, to be fit to learn, and to give your full attention to the lesson. As the learning is done online it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not distracted by emails, phone conversations or social media.

8. You must follow instructions and treat your teachers and other students with respect.

9. It is your responsibility to complete the assigned work in a timely manner with attention to the quality of work.

10. You must be dressed during lessons.

11. ILE is not responsible for the amount learnt, the speed at which you learn, the level of attainment or your fluency of language. Progression (and speed of) is your responsibility based on your commitment, and ability.

ILE and Teachers’ Responsibilities

1. It is ILE’s responsibility to ensure all teachers are qualified and prepared to teach you online and deliver quality lessons and service to all students at all times.

2. It is the Teachers’ responsibility to ensure they have a good internet connection for each lesson, which must be suitable for video connectivity, and that there is no background noise to disturb lessons. If the lessons are not conducted due to poor internet connectivity resulting from ILE or ILE’s teachers, the lessons will be rebooked at the student’s earliest convenience.

3. It is the Teacher’s responsibility to prepare lessons according to the your level together with relevant material and homework for each student who has purchased a course/lessons with ILE.

4. ILE and ILE’s teachers should deliver lessons on time and in a respectful manner.

5. ILE and ILE’s teachers should take into consideration any religious, political and/or content sensitive issues when preparing lessons. You have the right to refuse to do any lessons on a topic you are not comfortable with. In such circumstances, the teacher should choose either a different topic, available immediately, or reschedule the lesson at the student’s earliest convenience.

Booking Lessons

1. Courses/lessons are valid for 6 months after the date of purchase. ILE might choose to extend the validity of a course at its own discretion.

2. You may choose to have as many or as little lessons as you wish at a time, subject to availability from ILE and ILE’s teachers. Lessons must be booked in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

3. Lesson times may vary according to your availability – you do not have to stick to a single timetable. ILE is a flexible school. The best teacher will be assigned to you according to your availability and lesson requirements.

4. You may stop your lessons at any time should you wish to have a break or go on holiday. However, in order to ensure continuous and fast learning ILE recommend at least 2 lessons per week.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

1. If you wish to cancel your course/package, notice in writing via email or post must be given. Notification via SMS or social media is not acceptable.

2. If you choose not to use any portion of a course, after commencement of the aforementioned course, there will be no refund for the unused portion. In extenuating circumstances ILE may, at its own discretion, refund part of the package not utilised (if any) to you in the form of a credit note.


1. We accept payment via debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard only), PayPal, EFT (electronic funds transfer) and PaytoStudy. Confirmation of your booking will be given on receipt of payment. If payment is made via bank transfer, students are responsible for any fees.

2. The full balance is due prior to the start of the course/lessons.

3. The course/lessons only start once payment is received.


4. All prices are shown in euros and are current at the date of publishing. ILE reserves the right to change the prices due to fluctuation in the exchange rate, as it is beyond the Company’s control.

5. ILE reserves the right to modify a course or cancel a course prior to commencement, for whatever reason, including an insufficient number of participants. If a course is cancelled, participants will receive a refund of all payments made.


1. This document is valid from April 2018 unless otherwise specified. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. ILE shall not be liable for any injury, damage or loss to any person or property during the duration of the course/lessons; we are in no way responsible for any accidents or injuries that may result while on the premises of ILE or resulting from cyber-attacks.

Special Requirements

1. Please advise us of any special requirements eg. religious or medical requirements etc., as soon as possible so that these factors can be taken into account when preparing and conducting lessons.

Disputes and Jurisdiction

1. Whilst we prefer to resolve issues through clear communication, understanding of responsibilities, proper manners and good customer service, this contract shall be governed, construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Malta. The Maltese Courts or other competent adjudicating body shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine all disputes arising out of this Contract and the parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the Maltese Courts or other

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